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Look What I Can Do…

  • sun does not bother you
  • you have keen senses for all 5
  • you have to spend a vitae to eat and cannot get nourishment, however, it doesn’t make you sick
  • you have no parent clan
  • you can level in any discipline without being taught
  • ghouls made get 2 dots in any physical discipline you know when first turned
  • you do not lose humanity when diablarizing another vampire

How to stat…
*3 BP
*no clan, can use any disciplines, pick 3 disciplines as “primary”
*up to 5 dots in any one attribute
*5 dots in up to 2 skills

How to level…
*same as core Vamp book

How to use plot points…
*1 point = 1 d10 added to any roll
*1 point = 3 vitae
*3 points = 1 willpower

Aura Info
Revised Physical Disciplines
Kale Combat Sheet
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Main Page

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