Scratch Notes


Your Majesty,

First I would like to thank you and your honorable subjects for all that you’ve done for me these past few weeks. I came to London with no knowledge of who I was, what I was, or where I belonged. In your Grace’s patient wisdom and generosity, she recognizes that situations such as these are merely opportunities in disguise and afforded me the chance to prove that I was both worthy and capable of becoming a part of the greatest society the world over. For that I will be forever grateful. London is truly a marvel cultivated over centuries of careful and meticulous detail and it was my honor to have enjoyed the last few weeks within these walls with such fine company.

London has endeared itself to me for many reasons, the first of which are the noble vampires living here. Kindred of all clans and walks of unlife have opened my eyes to the timeless mastery they carry with a poise and grace befitting the most elegant of all the immortals. Her Majesty also honors us with her just ruling of our great society in which the wisdom of her Grace echoes behind each law with such nobility that even those merely uttering her will to one another can’t help but carry her words with the eloquence they so rightfully deserve and inspire in us all.

But the vigilance of the Court remains tested. I have also learned, during my brief time among you, that our eyes must be ever watchful and we must all remember that it is our responsibility as citizens of this Court to personally see her will be done. In doing so we will find our place within the court to continue the unprecedented success of her Majesty’s reign. Until this night, like all members of her Majesty’s court, I have been searching for a place within this society where I can best serve her Grace. It is for this reason that, with the utmost humility, I would request the parentage of her Grace not just to fulfill her righteous mandate, but to have the truly unique guidance of her Grace’s unmatched wisdom and unrivaled experience.

I have faced some of the most skilled combatants the world over these last few nights to prove myself to her Majesty and realized that it was because of my purpose that I was able to overcome my betters and take my place as her Majesty’s champion in this test of skill and strength. I humbly ask her Majesty grant me this truly unique opportunity so that I may become what I am meant to be in the glorious Court of London, the Kindgom of her Majesty.

Scratch Notes

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