black rent: service or taxed labor owed to a lord, typically in exchange for granted lands or titles

blood rent: payment due to a lord in blood, traditionally in exchange for granted lands or titles, blood rent may require a vassal to escort a lord on the hunt, to deliver a living vessel or to give up Vitae from the vassal’s own veins, commonly referred to in slang as red rent

blood tax: to demand a payment of Vitae from a subordinate, especially outside the terms of a contract and can less commonly be used to punish or fine a vassal with bloodletting, violence or a forced drink toward a vinculum

bond (n) parentage (v): the official relationship between a vassal and his lord

charge: the obligation one takes on for another

dominion: sovereignty, authority or control over an area larger than a simple hold

overlord: lord who oversees one or more vassals, especially a lord whose vassals are themselves lords

scots: derogatory term used to belittle those who choose to dwell outside the society and recognize the dominion of the monarch

wheat: humans, slang referring to them as food


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