Business Structure

Paradyme Industries

Business Motto
Create a horizontal business structure which allows for complete interdepartmental development of all industries leveraging cross industry advantages to both facilitate internal goals and external objectives.

With multiple departments (lawyer, accountant, mechanic, janitorial) working with one another, all cross departmental work is done at cost via ledger which all departments maintain on one another. Quarterly work balances are then “cashed” as the department sees fit for development opportunities. From there, departments can leverage one another with external customers (discounts, overhead work, etc) to meet any and all customer demands. Departments are free, of course, to take on work specific to their department and should view the horizontal business structure as a unique competitive advantage.

• Acquired lawyer to begin building infrastructure
• Acquired accountant/investor to begin managing finances
• Acquired mechanic because, well, why not?

• Sit back and let lawyer get adjusted, allow her to begin building things out
• Restaurant – just need to hire staff, no need to actually ghoul anyone
• Hire marketing rep to begin advertising for all companies

Tasks by Employee

From Tess:
• Acquire company car for clients (Finished)
Waiting On:
• Find new office space

Business Structure

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