Is This What Hell Is Like

First Night

Been an interesting last few days. I figure if I live long enough I’m going to want to have a record of what these first few years are like so I can look back on them. Not sure why really, but I’ll never be in another situation like this so why not write it down? Also, on the off chance something happens to me, maybe someone will find these. And if they do, maybe they’ll do… something… with them. Anyway.

Woke up the other day in London. Kind of an odd thing if you think about it, which I did and couldn’t remember a damn thing. I had some nice digs but I was completely alone. Weird that someone would kidnap me and put me up in a 5 star penthouse right? Right. Any way, I finally conned the doorman into letting me view the security logs and figured out that I was the one that checked myself into this place and paid for six months straight up. Why I’m here, how I managed to hop the flight I did, and why I picked this of all places (not exactly low profile) is a complete mystery to me.

It started off with a thirst. You know when you’re hungry for something and you just can’t get the taste out of your mouth but eventually it goes away? This was nothing like that at all. Turns out that thirst was for blood. Turns out I have fangs. Turns out I can bite people and drink theirs. Turns out I’m a vampire? Yeah cliche I know, but I did some reading and all signs point to yes. There’s some weird shit out there about vampires. Turns out a lot of it is true.

I started figuring out that I can do things. Crazy things. I’m super fast, super strong, super tough. Not like “ex NAVY SEAL been through the ropes” tough, but like “can take bullets to the chest and keep coming for more” tough. Weird feeling that, getting shot now. Hurts like hell when you’re human. It’s a lot like getting punched when you’re a vampire. Sure it stings, but the sting goes away in a bit.

Wasn’t too long in this city when I received an unexpected visitor. Another vampire I assume, someone like me that can turn invisible. She helped herself to my apartment and left me a note then took off. I read online that one powerful vampire rules over a given area but I had no idea what kind of scope I was dealing with. I guess this lady is the god damn (literally) Queen of England? Crazy shit, she’s got a whole court of vampires playing dress up. One thing I can get into though is her tournaments. She lets all the vampires blow off steam once a month in this huge arena where they can all slug it out and resolve disputes. Kind of like an old world throwback when people used to shoot each other with pistols you know?

Any way, apparently in order to live in this country you have to have what’s called “parentage” which means a sponsoring elder. Whoever made me what I am left me high and dry so I get to figure that out on my own. I’m fine with that though, comes with the perk of not having someone order you around all the time like the rest of the vampires in this city. Trouble is, I only have a month to get this all sorted out. Not sure why she didn’t give me a lot of time, seems kind of impatient for an Immortal you know? But whatever, I can get it done. If all goes according to plan, I’ve got a surprise or two in store for the Queen. If it doesn’t, well there’s always plan B.

Speaking of, apparently vampires all come from these things called “clans” which is a big deal. I can which clan other vampires are from which apparently isn’t normal. I know I don’t smell like any of them and my gut tells me that’s a bad thing so I’m keeping to myself about this whole “family” business. They’re all real nice about it though, well as nice as blood sucking immortals can be. I showed them in the tournament that I can handle myself, hopefully that’ll shut down any ideas the others have of making me their bitch. I’d really like to win this thing and show the world I’m hot shit but come on, competing with the entire city of vampires that are hundreds of years old when I was literally made this month? Probably wont happen.

Any way, I’ve spent most of my reserve funds (the guy that made me left me with 10 Gs) but I’m trying to make long term plans. If I live forever then I can afford to be patient and wait for the money to come to me, but the thing is I need it right now. I’ve tried to stay on the right side of the law, what with being ex military and all, but that might have to change soon. It’s tough to say, but man… if I could go back to the SEALs then using what I have now? What a sight that’d be.

So picking up chicks seemed like a smart way to get easy access to blood. At first it was pretty easy using my new supernatural mojo and I thought I could get away with this stuff clean, but then I actually kinda liked one of the girls I met. She’s artsy and we met at a museum. Hey, I’m cultured. Well not really, I just figured that was an good place to meet an easy girl that was a sucker for a sweet smile. Turns out restaurants are better for that kinda thing, HA! So yeah, she got beaten up after I dropped her off and I felt responsible for it. Probably because someone’s “marked” human beat the crap out of her. I went back to sort them out but couldn’t find any leads. What I do know is that they were only there to rough her up since I found her purse in a nearby dumpster with everything in it. Anyway, I went to the hospital and decided to see if I could turn her into something like me and use my blood to heal her since I can use my blood to heal me. Not sure what happened, exactly, but it worked. I… I don’t know… I just focused on making her like me then bam, there she was. She also got some of my power, she’s super fast now. I took her back with me for the time being since I’m not sure if she’s safe so she’ll stay with me a while. Maybe longer? I also “marked” this asian accountant chick to sort out my cash. Hopefully she can keep me going for a while but who knows. I’ll probably have to resort to more drastic means.

Court was interesting, everyone walked up to “the Queen” and addressed her as exactly that. I can feel and smell other vampires when I’m around them but I got nothing on her. Not sure if she’s just that good or if maybe there’s something else going on here. She seemed really nervous about me which makes me think there’s more going on here. She has an entourage of six vampires at all times, three male and three females. The men are all bad asses and I’m sure the women are the same. What really got me was the seventh, this chick that made super nice to me the whole time. She can become invisible like me and spent the whole tournament casing the joint from the shadows. My kind of girl. Except I get this vibe that she’s a bitch. She did well by me sending me one of her human “blood doll” things after my last fight though, so for the time being I’ll reserve judgement. She said I ruffled the Queens feathers which I highly doubt is just because she couldn’t lock down my background search. Which, by the way, what the hell happened there? Apparently I don’t really exist anymore? Probably for the best. Anyway, I’m getting that most vampires can’t do what I do (like walk around during the day?) so I’m thinking she knows there’s something strange about me. Since she doesn’t know what I can do, she doesn’t know how to keep her secrets. That makes sense, but with a little luck I’ll get in her good graces and snag a spot in that court of hers. I guess we’ll see how things play out from here.

One thing is for certain, I owe a big thanks to whoever did this to me. They may not have been around to tell me how everything goes down, but that’s all crap I can figure out myself. They basically turned me into superman and I’m just fine with that.



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